What to expect from your Modeling Portfolio Session

— 04/03/2015 by Monika Wertman —

Just the other day I had a young lady at the studio who needed some portfolio photos for a modeling job. Over the years modeling agencies have started requiring digital photos of their potential models instead of comp cards or printed images. Here at Wertman Photography we have been conscious of this trend and our first question when an inquiry about portfolio shots comes to our doorstep is:

“What does your agency want from you?” The answer varies, but the common thread has been the digital image. When my latest aspiring model called me the other day, she had a complete list of images they wanted to see.

As a studio, we know that they want some full body and some portrait style images, but the list of attire may vary depending on how the agency plans to market their models. In this case, we needed a casual look, a business look, or professional look and a swim suit look. My client decided that she would do her own hair and make-up, but was aware that this service would have been available to her.

We had a fun session as I quickly discovered that my model was someone who had swum in high school and had been on the rival club team my youngest swam for for several years. It is always fun when you discover that you have something in common, it livens up the session and I am able to capture the true personality of my subject.

We were able to capture a big variety of images for her to choose from and she is very happy with the results. Here are a few of the shots we captured.

portfolio_modeling_wertman-photography-2 portfolio_modeling_wertman-photography