Charles & Michelle’s Wedding Story

— 04/02/2015 by Monika Wertman —

When you think wedding, you usually think of a long engagement, a wedding planned with every detail in place, a big dress, a fancy venue and lots of guests. Most of the weddings we help our brides with fall somewhere onto that spectrum and always have at least one year in between the bride and groom signing our contract and us capturing their special day. This past December I had the pleasure to meet a couple who did things a bit differently.

Michelle and Charles had been engaged for a little while and while planning a big party with both of their families in the coming summer, you see, Charles is in the Service and stationed pretty far from Michelle’s home, the actual wedding was a rather spontaneous endeavor, executed in the courthouse with no plans to capture and record the moment.

I received a phone call on a Friday morning from Charles’ mother, asking if I was available to get a few shots of the family and the bride and groom at my studio after the courthouse ceremony. It just so happened that they caught me on an editing day, which meant that I could say: “yes, when do you need me?” The answer was that they were about to leave and would 45 minutes from now work for me? I told them that this would be fine and why didn’t I meet them at the courthouse to get a few shots outside.

I arrived just as everyone disembarked from their cars and followed the wedding party inside, caught all of the important moments, got a few more outside of the courthouse and finally met the families back at the studio for more.

Michelle and Charles are a lovely, fun couple who turned out to love their photos, the very ones they thought they did not need. Just the other night Michelle contacted me to show me where she hung their canvas print of the two of them in front of the courthouse, and to tell me that she had discovered that she needed just a few more prints to finish the display on her wall.

I decided to share this story to show that photography is important on your special day, whether that day is big or small, whether you are planning a big bash or are eloping. When you browse our site and come across pricing, we list a wedding collection starting cost. This starting cost considers the big planners, the year-long engagement with time for engagement pictures and a glamor session for the bride and the day long celebration of two people uniting in love. If you are planning a small 1 or 2 hour affair, call us and we can tailor a collection for you that fits your needs.

Michelle-and-Charles--courthouse-wedding-2Michelle-and-Charles--courthouse-wedding-1 Michelle-and-Charles--courthouse-wedding-3