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A Fun Baby Bump Session

— 12/14/2015 by Monika Wertman —

A Fun Baby Bump Session


A few weeks ago I drove up to Pennsylvania to create the first of three sessions that have to do with baby bumps and newborns for one of my favorite couples. We photographed their wedding about 2.5 years ago and are now privileged to be part of the process of them waiting for their first child.

wertman photography baby bump-maternity-18


We discussed where to go to best show the transition Brooke and Justin are undergoing right now and since Brooke works at The Morguen Toole Company in Meyersdale, PA, the same town the two of them live in as well, we decided that it would be a good spot to do our first session.


Morguen Toole is in the middle of renovating their third floor, transforming the space into loft apartments making it a perfect fit for a reveal session that was a bit more artistic. We shot a few images in the bed and breakfast portion of the venue and will return there for the other two sessions, but the reveal portion of our session was done in the unfinished, rustic upper floor.

wertman photography baby bump-maternity-15


We had bare floors, exposed beams and brick walls at our disposal and took advantage of it. We got great images and had a lot of fun getting them. One of the things that I love about Justin and Brooke is that their love for each other is so very clear and readily seen. They adore each other and love having fun, which leads to great take-outs and genuine images every time we get together to create memories.

gender reveal


The last part of our session was done outdoors, at a little park nearby. Brooke wanted to do some things with glitter, to celebrate the newly discovered gender of the little one. Amongst lots of laughter I was able to capture the fun loving side that keeps this sweet couple going.

glitter for gender reveal

glitter gender reveal


Our next session will be in February where we will focus more on a much bigger belly and once the little one arrives we will meet up again to get newborn photos in the same location as we planned out a few shots now to use later in diptych or triptych arrangements.

wertman photography baby bump-maternity-20


If you are not sure what those are, you will just need to stay tuned for more to come.

I have added a few shots that are purely maternity into the maternity gallery on our site, so please browse it to see what we are prepping to add baby to later.

Below are the gender reveal announcements I designed for Brooke and Justin.  They were mailed out a few days ago and have arrived at their destinations.

Print  Noel


In the meantime, I would like for you to vote on your favorite image within this post, leave a comment below and you will be entered to win a family session for up to 5 people, a $150 value. I am also curious to see if you guess the baby’s gender correctly. This should be easy.

Santa Pictures in the Square

— 12/10/2015 by Monika Wertman —

About three weeks ago, during the 2nd Saturday event in Downtown Hagerstown, we set up a photo booth complete with Santa and a tree. We offered micro sessions at a very reduced price and had lots of families take advantage of this.


We gave the children a chance to warm up to Santa, sit next to him, on his knee if wanted and gave them time to interact. We called it the Santa Experience.

santa pictures


This particular Santa has been Santa for 49 years now and is still gong strong. Many families dropped by and told stories of how they remember sitting on his knee and how it is neat that now their children get to do the same.


Below are a few images to show you how it went.

Wertman photography Santa Experience-45 copy  santa pictures


WE plan on doing this on a larger scale in the studio next winter, offering mini sessions that will be priced specifically for that purpose and will allow even more time for your children to interact with Santa and several special print collections will be a part of this offering. We are looking at doing this one weekend toward the end of November before it gets too busy.

santa pictures

santa pictures


Please keep us in mind for next year. Going into the home stretch of 2015, you will find us in the square for the donut drop on New Year’s Eve, offering a photo booth similar to the Halloween experience. We will be located within the fire station across the street from Bulls and Bears.

santa pictures

We are looking forward to a great end of the year and would like to thank everyone who has helped us be successful in 2015.


Happy Holidays!


Please browse our galleries as we are constantly adding new work.  And if you have not gotten the email with details on how to see all of the santa pictures, here is the link:  http://wertmanphoto.zenfolio.com/santa2016

Newborn Photos

— 11/30/2015 by Monika Wertman —

Newborn Photos


I recently had some fun with a brand new baby boy and his mommy. This little guy was a lot of fun to work with and like any newborn had his moments of getting hungry, sleepy and being wide-awake.


I keep the studio warm and the constant lighting I use in studio helps to elevate the temperature more, making it the right condition to capture the little nude shots all mommies want of their new little angel.

This cute little guy decided that he needed to be awake during the nude shots and started chewing on his fist.

newborn photos


He started to squirm around quite a bit, so we decided that a few shots with mommy holding him skin to skin would calm him down. I was able to get some precious images while he snuggled with mommy but after a while it became apparent that he wanted more. It was time to break and feed his little belly.

WErtman Photography babies-2     WErtman Photography babies-3


Here at Wertman Photography we build time into each newborn session for mom to relax and see to the needs of her baby. Good photographs can only be gotten from a happy child, so taking a break for feedings and diaper changes is part of the session.

WErtman Photography babies-4


After the filling of the tummy, our little man was ready for a nap. We switched places and snuggled him into a soft basket with a big bunny.

WErtman Photography babies-5


He was content and even woke up again after a while, making the cutest faces, varying his expressions as only a newborn can.



We finished the session with some more shots of mommy holding him and interacting with him, again an opportunity to catch some precious moments.

newborn photos


As you can see in the samples I inserted into this post, we take our time to catch moments that are fleeting and special. Rest assured that your newborn’s rapidly changing appearance will be etched in time at Wertman Photography and that you will receive photos that you will treasure for years to come.


We have also just finished three maternity sessions over the span of the past week, something that is a lot of fun for both the expectant mom and dad and us here at the studio. Call us today at 301-693-3021 if you are expecting and would love to capture that special time in your life or if you have just given birth to a precious bundle and would like to preserve these fleeting moments. We can help create wonderful memories, birth announcements, memory books and more.




Halloween Pictures

— 11/11/2015 by Monika Wertman —

Halloween Pictures


October 30, the night of trick or treating, our studio did something new. We sat up a tent right outside of our doors and partnering with our State Farm agent Lauren Kolberg, we offered free Halloween micro sessions.


Parents had the option of ordering one 4×5 print that night, but everyone would be able to receive one free digital copy, chosen by us.

Below are some of our favorites of that night.

Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-51  Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-42


Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-38   Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-17



Please contact us to find out if we have more than one for you and how you can see the others and order more prints.

Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-24   Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-15  Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-1


For the complete list of the downloadable images please go to the facebook event page of the night and grab your image.

Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-6  Wertman Photography Halloween 2015-20


Emails will also go out over the next day or two with instructions.

Fall Family Photos

— 11/05/2015 by Monika Wertman —

I have had the pleasure of working with this lovely family twice within the last year. We captured them last fall as they were awaiting the arrival of their second child, and this fall we created photos of the newly expanded family.


Last fall we went to a park in Boonsboro, this fall we stayed a bit closer to home and captured new family photos at Pangborn Park in Hagerstown. We lucked out the day of the session, as it was sunny and warm and not a single breeze interfered with getting great images.

family pictures


Pangborn Park is a smaller park that is often overlooked partly because it is located at the north end of town. It is a charming little park with a lovely new gazebo, a fountain, which is on during the warmer months, a large grassy area and a nice little lake.


When we met, the leaves had just started turning and were still fully stuck to the trees. This created a nice contrast between the green of the grass and the changing colors in the background.

wertman photography Toney family-1


The kids hammed it up for most of the pictures and I was able to get some precious moments between the two sisters.

wertman photography Toney family-2



Here at Wertman Photography it is all about making the little ones feel at ease, we talk to them throughout the session, take our time and click when the going is good.


Call us today to schedule your fall session, there is still some time to get into the studio and capture moments for Christmas cards and gifts. As long as the weather holds up we will shoot outdoors as well, if you desire and even into winter, we will brave snow if that is the look you are after.


We will be in the square November 14 for 2nd Saturdays, from 3-7pm with a photo booth setup that will feature a Santa Experience. Come see us for a chance to try us out at a special low rate for just that day. Stay tuned to our facebook page for details over the next few days.




At the Hagerstown Prime Outlets

— 09/28/2015 by Monika Wertman —

In this blog post I will switch things up a bit. Usually I tell a story about one of my clients and their session, but we are trying a marketing approach that is new to us and I thought it would be fun to share the set-up.


The idea started when I got a letter in the mail about putting a booth display into the food court area of the outlets in Hagerstown. The cost was very reasonable and they caught me at just the correct time, with money left in the advertising budget and phone calls with crazy requests arriving every day. This opportunity, by far, seemed the most cost effective way to spend my money. Another benefit is the time frame. We installed the display today, September 28 and it will be up through the holiday shopping season until January 1.

wertman photography prime outlets


The decision about what to show potential clients was not as easy as the decision to give this new-to-us marketing strategy a try. We finally settled on bridal, athlete and seniors. As you can see, the selection shows a nice variety of gestures and poses, while offering a peek into studio lighting and on location use of architectural elements and natural light.  The selection can also be found throughout the galleries, so feel free to find the images if you want to see them more clearly, or go by the display to do the same.

wertman photography, Prime outlets display-6


Many couples get engaged over the holidays, so the hope is that they remember what they saw while shopping and will come talk to us about their wedding day, while families will see what can be done with just about any activity and book us for various occasions.

wertman photography, Prime outlets display-5


We also have informational materials about senior photos, boudoir sessions and wedding coverage, as well as regular business cards at the display area. Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount all throughout the year and make wonderful stocking stuffers. A sign planting that idea is on display as well.

wertman photography, Prime outlets display-2

We encourage you to check the display out for yourself, please let us know what you think and remember to check in on Facebook throughout the life of the display for contests and drawings. At some point we will probably add a little information collection box as well.  For now, if you can guess where this alcove is at the outlets, or if you want to go and find it, leave the exact location in the comments below and everyone who gets it right, will be entered into a drawing for a free one hour session for up to 5 people, a $150 value.  We will draw a winner at the end of this week.


Please browse our galleries, new work is added on a routine basis and you just never know what you may find this time around. Call us today to secure a gift certificate in any amount that can be applied to sessions and as print credit. Gift certificates make the most wonderful stocking stuffers as well!

First Birthday Fun

— 09/03/2015 by Monika Wertman —

Working with little ones is both fun and challenging. This is never more true than when I am asked to capture a little one year old at her first birthday party. Little Brielle was no exception. The party was set up outdoors, older children and family members were all around and everything was new to her. One of the saving graces with a one year old is that they generally do not move as fast as on older child yet, as they have just learned how to walk, and Brielle was just finding her speed the day of her birthday.

playtime first birthday


Minnie Mouse was the theme, so pink, black and white and zebra stripes were prominent in the decorations, which made for a colorful backdrop.


A little play area was set up for the birthday girl, which kept her mostly in one area. She liked the colors, so getting shots in that spot was easy.


One of the funniest things was getting her to try her birthday cupcake. She just did not know what to make of it.

1st birthday cake smash

She carefully touched the little Oreos that adorned the top of each cupcake, acting as Minnie’s ears. She pulled one off and licked the icing, made a face and looked away.

1st birthday cake smash

The texture of the icing drew her back though and it was played with. After much coaxing, she took a bite of the cake and again made a face and finally proceeded to take the cup cake and flung it off her high chair tray.

1st birthday cake smash


This cuteness extracted much laughter with exclamations of: “she takes after her daddy!”

wertman photography Brielle's first birthday-6

Little children are among our favorite clients, especially between the ages of 6 months to 2 years, as they are natural in front of the camera and even if they do not smile much, are cute as buttons. They have not learned that they have to smile yet, so when they do, it is a natural, heart felt smile that comes from within, showing their personality in a way that is briefly hidden around the ages of 3-5. At that age they start smiling in a more forced way, making our job a bit more challenging in trying to get them back to forgetting that a camera is present.

wertman photography Brielle's first birthday-5

Sometimes getting a family picture with a little one and her own agenda can create the sweetest moments like in the picture above, a favorite of the family.


Please explore our galleries and stay tuned to find out about our fall mini sessions coming soon.  We would love to hear from you and receive feedback on images we post. Let us know what makes your favorites list and by doing so, you will be entered to win a 1 hour session for up to 5 people, a $150 value. Please mention any image from the children ‘s gallery including this blog.

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