Tyler’s Lacrosse Game

— 05/21/2015 by Monika Wertman —

Had someone told me a couple of years ago that I would start shooting sports images and sporting events, I would have laughed, but somehow I started with it sometime last year and rather enjoy it. There is excitement capturing a game as a spectator. My first experience doing just that was earlier this year when I recorded the legends basket ball game between North and South Highschool. It was fast moving and exciting to capture baskets being made and wins being scored. That game will be featured in the new publication of XLSports Magazine in the July issue.


I then was asked by one of my favorite clients if I could come and shoot her son’s lacrosse game. We had a somewhat cool, but sunny day for it and it was a lot of fun being close to the game, following her son Tyler around with the lens. Even though this is a middle school team, they played very well, pushed for their scores and even got aggressive enough with each other to make the time fly.lacrosse game hagerstown md             wertman photography tyler lacrosse game-4 lacrosse game hagerstown md

lacrosse game hagerstown md


I got some great shots of the action and a few close ups of Tyler during half time, listening to his coaches strategize. Tyler’s mom was thrilled and told me that her son felt like a rock star with me there recording his efforts. He scored several goals during the game, all of which I captured. The images have been compiled into a cool memory book for Tyler that he will be able to look at over and over again and one of the pictures showcased within this blog is on it’s way to my studio printed on metal right now.

lacrosse game hagerstown md


Here at Wertman Photography, we will do sports sessions that can be styled as an extreme sports session, a portrait session in all the gear, or like the one I am describing here, as a sporting event. We will work with any age and session fees depend on what you hire us for. In any case, we will have fun recording it all for you.


Please feel free to browse our galleries to see some recent additions in the modeling, boudoir and children’s sections.wertman photography tyler lacrosse game-1