The Quarantine Project

— 04/08/2020 by Monika Wertman —

Welcome to The Quarantine Project!


We are all stuck at home unless we are essential workers and our children and animals are demanding all of our attention.  While many things about this enforced isolation are frustrating, the time we spend with each other may lead to new discoveries and a reconnection to the simpler things in life.  Why not record some of this moments with your phone camera?

You say, well, I do this all the time!  Yes, I believe you do, but here is where we, here at Wertman Photography, came up with an idea that turns your photos on your phone into a keepsake you can share with family members you are not allowed to see right now and make them smile!

Since we can not get together and capture you and your family right now we thought we can at least help you purchase a professional option that will be sure to put a smile on your face as well as anyone you would like to share this with.

A Wave Photo Book that can be placed on furniture as a small display or carried in a pocket to pull out and glance at to keep loved ones near. Here it is what it looks like:





Here is how it works:

For 10 days, you capture a few moments each day using your phone in the portrait orientation as shown in these images.

On the 11th day you choose your favorite 10 photos and send them to us via an upload link we will supply after your payment processes.

Once we receive the photos, we will give them each a basic edit, design your wave book and get it ordered.

We will ask our lab to drop ship it to you directly to avoid any additional handling to keep us all safe.

You will have a keepsake of this time spend with your loved ones that we helped you create.

Want to do it?  Great!!  Just fill out the form below, tell us how many Wavebooks you want to order, call us with payment and if you want to send a few extras to your family members. We will be in touch with details and there is even a special offer if you order more than 3 of them.  How about that!!

As an added bonus you will have an opportunity to sign up for our free “How to use your phone to get great pictures” email lesson chain.

Are you ready?  Here is the form to get started: