Senior Sessions – not just for High School Seniors

— 12/22/2015 by Monika Wertman —

Senior Sessions are not just for High School Seniors


This past year we had some interesting senior sessions. Most were what you would expect, high school juniors getting ready to take on their senior year, but there were a few that did not fit that category.


We already told you about one of them in an older post. He was a college nursing student who graduated this spring. As it happens the session we are getting ready to tell you about was also with a recently graduated nursing student.

nursing school and pets


She is lovely young lady who by all accounts was very dedicated to her studies and according to her, her best friend helped her through the long hours and tougher parts of being in the nursing program at Towson University. This best friend is her furry buddy Nelson and he got to be part of the session as a reward for his support.

nursing graduate


As you can see in the images, he is a very photogenic cutie and was very well behaved. It is easy to see why he was a big help getting through a rigorous program.


We had a lot of fun both in studio and outdoors, capturing some sweet moments between Nelson and Nicole and creating some fun images showing off the season the graduation took place in.

senior photos and pets


So when you think senior pictures, think high school, think college, think university. We are not going to hold you to a certain age. Even if you are a non-traditional student and would like to have some unique photos done, call us and we will make it happen.

fun with leaves


Please browse our senior and portrait galleries for additional samples of what we can do for you and schedule your session today. If you are looking at a senior year in 2016 or are graduating from college this next semester, now is the perfect time to set a date for pictures to commemorate the event.