It’s always an Honor to sponsor Hospice of Washington County

— 01/29/2024 by Monika Wertman —

Sponsoring Hospice of Washington County

In 2014 we began our relationship with Hospice of Washington County with a Last Wish project and since then we have captured many things for this wonderful, local organization. From Last Wish projects to groundbreaking ceremonies, headshots and fundraising events, we love preserving important events for Hospice. One of our favorite events is the annual Celebrity Waiter Gala. This event is like none other in our community. We have captured it from the beginning and we never quite know what surprises await us on the night of the main event.

The uniqueness of this fundraiser can bring anything from impromptu dancing and singing to comical routines to life and we are there to capture it in both still photography and video.

Over the last few years our coverage has grown to create short promo videos for the celebrity waiter teams, helping to raise funds ahead of the big night. Themes have run the gamut from Phantom of the Opera, 1950’s sock hop, Barbie and the Adams Family to fairytales and beach adventures. In 2023 Grease was the theme chosen by CNB Bank, one of the celebrity waiter teams. They did such a good job promoting it on social media that our video won the most likes, earning that team a trophy during the fundraiser.

Click on the photo below to check it out.

We can’t wait to see what themes will be picked for this year’s event!

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