Fun with Flour

— 08/28/2015 by Monika Wertman —


Seniors are so much fun, I love working with them and love to discover what each of them loves to do.

Creating images to share their passion is very special and great fun.


Two weeks ago I worked with a senior girl who is not only beautiful on the outside but has a great spirit and was looking to do something different with her senior pictures. She is enrolled in the culinary program at one of the local high schools, loves her dog and baking. She is looking to go forward with her culinary passion and decided that that passion needed to be captured in her pictures.

wertman photography Haylee senior pictures-4


I roll with what my clients want, and the prospect of having fun with baking items, tools of the trade and some flour, invited some great ideas. Haylee was open to playing and trying something that was a bit outside of the box.


We started the day with images of her and her puppy, moved on to the yearbook pose and finally arrived at the culinary aspect. We started with some poses and then decided to get messy. Throwing flour into the air in front of a black backdrop with high speed lighting was fun, took a bit of tweaking and produced some great images.


The first time I asked her to throw up flour, Haylee grabbed a handful and I thought, after looking at the back of the camera, that we had overdone it, quite sure that I would toss that first try. We proceeded to tone it down and arrived where I thought we should be.

wertman photography Haylee senior pictures-1


While editing, I discovered that the first try created one or two that were very fun and would stay as one of her choices. She loves it! It is shown below.


One of the images with less flour tossed into the air also remained as a favorite and both really show her love of baking. She is happy, is having fun and in her element.

wertman photography Haylee senior pictures-2


After cleaning up we headed out to get some more formal images in her prom dress, which also rendered some great photos as you can tell in the sample below.

wertman photography Haylee senior pictures-3


Here at Wertman Photography we capture what our client wants, we go all out if needed and have a wonderful time doing so. I invite you to vote for your favorite of the two flour pictures, and for doing so you will be entered in a drawing for a free one hour session for up to 5 people, a $150 value.


Please browse our galleries and if you are not a client yet, give us a call today to schedule your session.