Corporate Event at Kemp Mill Road

— 04/27/2015 by Monika Wertman —


corporate event

Last week I had a last minute request to cover an induction/unveiling ceremony of a brand new addition to our county, a solar field. This was an assignment I can classify as an event, as it was a corporate event for all parties involved in the project, one being Northern Energy and Power and their partners, and Washington County being the other.

I arrived about 15 minutes before it was supposed to start and was treated like a queen. They drove me out to the site that the induction was to take place and gave me the chance to capture some great images of the solar panel site with wonderful stormy clouds on the horizon. According to the weather forecast, rain and windy conditions would arrive within the hour, creating skies a photographer dreams of.

After my stint of solidarity came to an end, guests to the event started to arrive and the show got underway.

Speeches were held and having been told that I was in charge, I took up front row presence and got all of the important shots. True to the forecast, the storm arrived just after the ribbon cutting and lunch was served in very close quarters under a tent, surrounded by whipping winds and slashing rain.

This lasted for a while and once the winds slowed down, I was able to move around a get a few “party shots” without risking my equipment getting wet.

The purpose of the telling of this story is that no matter what, we will get the shots we were hired to do. Be it for a corporate event such as a ribbon cutting for a new venture, a corporate party set indoors and celebrating a year of good profits, to a birthday celebration or special anniversary, you can count on Wertman Photography to cover your special event well and thoroughly.