Anatomy of Great Photography | Getting It Right In-Camera

— 09/21/2017 by Monika Wertman —

In a world where so many aspects of true art have been substituted by technology, Photography, real Photography is still performed by Photographers. A Photographer is someone who knows his/her camera & craft intimately. Light conditions, scenarios, venues, colors, etc. don’t take him/her by surprise. She/he is comfortable and in control and ready to serve and provide you with truly Great Photography.

Photography remains an art of the eye, camera, subject and surroundings. Editing softwares like, Photoshop have indeed done wonders for many parts of the process, but the images have got to be of a quality to be processed, before they get to Photoshop. That means, that the Photographer exercises his/her eye, has the camera properly set to best performance, the surroundings have been tamed for the shoot and the subjects are aware of what is going to occur. These factors all help to create the best images, in-camera, so that they are the most satisfying images at delivery! Editing softwares were made to effect small corrections on great pictures or to create scenes and change the entirety of the image as to add or subtract things that do not exist; not make bad photography good.

We have all seen people salvage poor images in editing software and make them OK images. Is that what we want to present; “OK images?” Of course not. As photographers, it’s our responsibility to capture the best possible picture, in-camera, so that the resulting image is stellar at the end of the process. The rule still holds true through any era; “Great images in, Great images out! Poor images in, poor images out…”

Insure that when your special moments happen, you have the right Photographer, with the right skills, education, eye and experience to capture them… this is another piece in the Anatomy of Great Photography!