A Bridal Session in the Park

— 06/18/2015 by Monika Wertman —

Last Saturday I helped preserve memories for a special couple on their wedding day.  While the wedding is still in post production, I also captured the bride in question three weeks before the wedding in some wonderful moments during her bridal session, a service included in our middle wedding collection.  For that session, Kristen was pampered by my make-up artist and stylist, got to try out her wedding look and play dress-up in her gown for the afternoon.  It had rained for days and the morning of our session, so, being conscious of the vulnerability of her gown, I carefully placed a plastic table cloth under my bride and arranged her gown on top of it, to keep it pristine for the wedding day.  With the help of two assistants and Kristen’s maid of honor we utilized the sunlight we received just in time for our session and bounced light onto our bride using only natural light for this session.

wertman photography Kristen bridal session-19

I wanted a few studio portraits as well, and two versions are shown here.  Please leave us a comment on which one of the studio portraits you like better.  They are the same capture, but are processed slightly differently.  Both my bride and I can not decide which one we like better.  Your vote will enter you in a drawing, please continue reading to find out more.

wertman photography Kristen bridal session-21                                wertman photography Kristen bridal session-20

Originally we were going to shoot in fields of grass and tree groves, but with the rain making the earth soft and the grass still holding moisture on the blades, we re-grouped and decided to go to one of the local parks and use the sidewalks in said parks in order to not harm the dress and shoes.  As is often the case, the change in plans led to wonderful opportunities for images we would not have had at the original location and great results.  The only thing we battled the day of Kristen’s bridal session were little tiny flying bugs that found netting on a skirt to be a wonderful place to fly under.  This strange occurrence took also place on Kristen and Brooks’ wedding day when we went outside for our early evening photos.

wertman photography Kristen bridal session-23

Please feel free to explore our other galleries, especially portraits and weddings as we just added new imagery to both.  If a wedding is in your near future, you just got engaged or want to renew your vows, we can help and will be happy to discuss options with you.  Please share this post on Facebook and comment on it when share it by voting on your favorite of the two versions of the studio portrait by commenting either with “black and white” or “sepia”, leaving your email address and name and be entered into a drawing for a 60 minute family session for up to 5 people, a $150 value.  The drawing will be held on June 30, 2015.