The Quarantine Project

— 04/08/2020 by Monika Wertman —

Welcome to The Quarantine Project!


We are all stuck at home unless we are essential workers and our children and animals are demanding all of our attention.  While many things about this enforced isolation are frustrating, the time we spend with each other may lead to new discoveries and a reconnection to the simpler things in life.  Why not record some of this moments with your phone camera?

You say, well, I do this all the time!  Yes, I believe you do, but here is where we, here at Wertman Photography, came up with an idea that turns your photos on your phone into a keepsake you can share with family members you are not allowed to see right now and make them smile!

Since we can not get together and capture you and your family right now we thought we can at least help you purchase a professional option that will be sure to put a smile on your face as well as anyone you would like to share this with.

A Wave Photo Book that can be placed on furniture as a small display or carried in a pocket to pull out and glance at to keep loved ones near. Here it is what it looks like:





Here is how it works:

For 10 days, you capture a few moments each day using your phone in the portrait orientation as shown in these images.

On the 11th day you choose your favorite 10 photos and send them to us via an upload link we will supply after your payment processes.

Once we receive the photos, we will give them each a basic edit, design your wave book and get it ordered.

We will ask our lab to drop ship it to you directly to avoid any additional handling to keep us all safe.

You will have a keepsake of this time spend with your loved ones that we helped you create.

Want to do it?  Great!!  Just fill out the form below, tell us how many Wavebooks you want to order, call us with payment and if you want to send a few extras to your family members. We will be in touch with details and there is even a special offer if you order more than 3 of them.  How about that!!

As an added bonus you will have an opportunity to sign up for our free “How to use your phone to get great pictures” email lesson chain.

Are you ready?  Here is the form to get started:

Gift Cards for Sessions or Artwork

— 03/27/2020 by Monika Wertman —

gift card

Gift cards for sessions or artwork are a great way to support our business during these times of social distancing!  We are restricted in how we can work with you, but you can still secure that you will be able to use us when this is all over!  Whether you are a new client or a returning client, we can send you a gift card virtually to keep you safe.  You may use the gift card now to purchase wall art from a recent session to send to a loved one, such as a parent or grandparent.  Our labs are on top of safety during this virus and your order will arrive directly from there, ready to hang on any wall you want to decorate.  We will gladly create a mock-up of the space you want to fill to show you what it will look like in your space.  Just send us a picture of your blank wall and we will create the look you want.  We will to also be happy to consult with you via Skype to figure out sizes and finishing styles.

Here is a sample of what two canvases or metals can look like hanging side by side: room mock up, pictures on wall

For those of you who want to work with us at a later date but want to take advantage of your tax return or other pay-outs, purchase your certificate now and use it later.  We can set up a Skype consultation to discuss your plans and get you on our calendar in July, August or September after this virus runs its course.

Whatever your pleasure and comfort level, we are here for you to bring a bit of sunshine and joy into this odd time we are muddling through together.

A Night Under the Spell Gala

— 02/11/2020 by Monika Wertman —

A Night Under The Spell Gala

Wertman Photography is hosting a gala event at the studio March 28.  The event  A Night under the Spell is benefitting the City Ballet School of Hagerstown and the brand new production of ‘The Spell”, an original world premier Ballet under the direction of Danielle Horochowski and choreographed by her.

Tickets are $75 per person and are available exclusively at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-night-under-the-spell-gala-tickets-91890507983?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

Valentine’s Special!

— 02/06/2020 by Monika Wertman —

Valentines Special. 11x14 Stand Out Portrait with Booked Session* ($199 Value). Call 301-693-3021 to reserve your spot. *Session must be scheduled before 02/29/2020. Session can be held after 02/29/2020.

Valentines Special!

Book a Romantic Couple’s session with Wertman Photography between now and Feb 29th, 2020 *, to receive our Valentines Special: 11×14” Standout Wall Portrait ($199 value!) with your booked session.

Let us show you all that we offer for Couple’s sessions and beyond. Consultations are done during the week both daytime and evenings. Please contact us to let us know what works best for you and we will send you some open slots on our calendar.

*consultation scheduled between February 1st-29th, 2020 with retainer fee paid for a session in February, March, or April 2020.

Your Wedding Day

— 01/21/2020 by Monika Wertman —

Your wedding day is a special occasion with moments that only happen once and can not be recreated.

wedding day

Hiring the right photographer is of utmost importance if you want to preserve those moments for eternity.

Weddings are expensive, we get it.  It all adds up, the dress, the venue, the food, the alcohol and then there is the photographer.

Weddings are budget heavy, and entertaining their guests well is often one of the top priorities on a couple’s list.  We have shot weddings for several years now and have talked to countless brides, hearing the “our budget is limited” argument all the time.  Here is the thing:  We understand that, but you can save money on food and your guests will not mind.  Save money on linens, no-one will care.  Play bad music, your guests may notice, but they will survive.  Hire a bad or inexperienced wedding photographer and end up with bad images and you face regrets for a life time.

wedding day

As a photography team we work with families at every stage of their lives.  One of the biggest complaints we hear a lot during consultations is:  “We should have spent more money on our wedding photographer and hired a professional with experience;  it is the biggest regret we have.”

So here is the fix:  Hire a professional with experience in wedding coverage.  Check their credentials.  Believe it or not, some photographers are not always all that they say they are.

You will also find that capturing your wedding day is quite different than capturing baby pictures or family moments.  It takes a special eye to capture weddings and the willingness to move all day long and pay attention to all that is going on.  Wedding days are marathons for a good, experienced wedding photographer.  We are constantly on the ball, missing nothing.  It is one of the reasons we charge what we do.

wedding day

It is also imperative that the photography team you hire is, in fact, a team.  This means two photographers.  Yes, read this again:  two photographers.  Two of us capture more than one.  You want two!!

And please, for all that is holy, do not let uncle Mike or aunt Suzy take care of your wedding pictures!!!!  Even if they have a good camera and produce decent photos of their pets and children.  They will not capture your day the way you want them to.  Friends or relatives have their own agenda on your wedding day and will miss a lot.  Remember, you did not pay them, they are a family member and friend.  Just invite them, treat them as you will all of your other guests and pay for a good photography team on your wedding day.  Your wedding day is special, treat it that way!

wedding day


Regrets are no fun.

Budget for photography, budget generously, and you will have no regrets!



Special Framing Requests

— 01/07/2020 by Monika Wertman —

About one year ago we met with a client who had a special request  that involved framing a project in a rather special way using windows from childhood homes.  I got really excited about doing something that was definitely outside of the box and would require a different approach in finishing images and mounting them for our client.

The request was simple:  Capture photos of each childhood home, his own and that of his wife in the winter with snow on the ground and in the summer, and frame them in windows from each house.

I will take you through the process  after they got printed.  This was new to me and therefor exciting, but also took me on a journey of discovery on how best to make the images stay within the glass.

Please see below:

Arrival of images.  the box was pretty battered and I was a wee bit worried, but all was well, as our lab packs everything extremely well.  We had 16 images in total, 8 of each house for 4 windows of each house, so 4 per house of each season.


The frames and windows had been dropped off at the studio over the course of a few months and they were slightly different in size.  they also required a bit of cleaning and goo removal.


As with any framing job, a photo should never touch the glass of a frame and in this case I also had to extend the size of the photo to fit the window space.  The photos  would have been matted anyway, but this ensured it.


Once the mat and image were inside the frame, I discovered that I had some space between the image and the frame, bumpers were needed to make up the difference.

Here is a stack of the bumpers to be added to the back of each image to even things out under the back paper.

Here is a stack of the matted images, covered by plastic to protect it while we assembled and took a break.  8 windows took us 2 days to finish.

Stacks of back boards and yet to be filled windows.

The first one was done.  This one taught me exactly what I needed to prep for the next 7 and helped create a good workflow.  I forgot to take a picture of the back, but it is finished with black, heavy duty paper.  The very same paper we wrap big orders in:)

The stack of 4 windows from house number two.  This was taken at the end of day two, about 20 minutes before our client came to pick up the finished product.

I loved this project as it stretched not only the artist side, creating artwork from the captured photos, but also the side of me that loves to think outside of the box and live by the motto of never saying no to a client, but rather coming up with a solution to a request, no matter how different it is.

Searching for Senior Reps: Class of 2021!

— 11/05/2019 by Monika Wertman —

We are looking for 4 outgoing, fun, active seniors to join our Senior Rep team!
If this sounds like you, we’d love for you to send in an application here!

Attention Class of 2021! Wertman Photography is looking for 4 Senior Reps to join the team!As a Senior Rep, you receive a Free Session, Referral Cards and Digital Codes, and SpecialInvitations to Promo Shoots. With your referrals and a great social media presence, you could earn free Graduation Cards, Gift Cards, Print Credit, and more! Things we like to see in applicants: Outgoing, Positive Attitude, Involved with School Activities, Comfortable in Front of a Camera, Exciting Social Media. If this sounds like you, ask us how to apply.